My personal areas of interest are:
  • software engineering in general
  • advanced programming: C++, C#, COM, (Iron)Python, MATLAB/Simulink, LabVIEW
  • feedback control and embedded systems, HiL
  • image analysis and processing,
  • system identification, optimization and learning theory,
  • fluid flow and conservation laws.
Work at / collaboration with:

EUtech Scientific Engineering GmbH

Fields of application:

  • simulations and control applications
  • databased solutions
  • teststand control applications
  • software architecture


Fields of application:

  • test automation
  • HiL hardware control
  • requirement engineering and tool coupling

Biometra GmbH (Whatman)

For the one and two-dimensional image analysis of gels stemming from electrophoresis I designed and implemented the following core modules:

  • image preprocessing, i.e., application of filters and distortion-correction (smiling);
  • data analysis, i.e., peak (1D) and spot (2D) pattern recognition by means of image partitioning, for instance pyramid linking;
  • data matching with respect to reference patterns;
  • similarity analysis, for instance UPGMA, neighbor joining;
  • XML and data base connection;
  • hardware camera controlling for live images.

Most of the code is written in Delphi (object Pascal), the camera controlling is embedded in a C++ DLL and the data bases are Microsoft-Access.



Institut für Geometrie und Praktische Mathematik (IGPM), RWTH-Aachen

My daily work included

  • preparation of the lectures and excercise courses;
  • expert advice for students from mathematics and engineering;
  • project work.
Additionally I developed

  • a template C++ library called igpm_t_lib, which is designed with the special requirements of adaptive data structures in mind and which is based on hash tables;
  • a template C++ library called igpm_w_lib (together with A. Barinka) containing wavelet basics;
  • a fluid library called xrms to compute a numerical and an exact Riemann solution for the Euler equations by means of wave curves; the Equation of State takes into account BZT-fluids and phase transition;
  • a grid module to couple 2D and 3D cubes, tetrahedrons, prisms and pyramids, providing very fast cell access and grid adaption, included in igpm_t2_lib.



mathodic solutions

mathodic solutions turned to the customer especially from the ingeneering and IT line offering solutions requiring well adapted mathematical methods, e.g. image processing, wavelet analysis, optimization etc. Our services included

  • consulting: problem analysis and make out of expert`s report;
  • implementation and licensing of software modules and concepts;
  • production and distribution of resulting software packages.


Institut für Textiltechnik Aachen (ITA), RWTH-Aachen

  • modeling and simulation of filament flow;
  • modeling, simulation and controlling of braid machines by means of stochastic optimization;
  • surface characterization of roll images by means of wavelet decompositions;



Hydrosoft GmbH

For internal use I developed libraries, where one finds

  • a report generator;
  • a parametrized expression evaluation, connected to data bases;
  • a memory controlling for the transparently use of main, EMS, XMS and file based memory;
  • an OLE/COM client-server system for embedding maps into documents;
  • a cryptography module, based on blowfish, for de- and encryption of user data.

Nearly all code is made in C/C++ and involves the MFC-framework. Only the memory management is coded in pure assembler.


Heilmann & Heilmann GbR

For customers being tax advisors and chartered accountants I developed programs for

  • order accounting (BusiCash);
  • post calculation (BusiKalk);
  • order entry (BusiProm);
  • data exchange with Datev interfaces.

All programs were programmed in Clipper, a data base language compatible to dbase.